Terms and conditions

1 Contract Partner

(1) The term contractor of AGBS BRASIL EMPREENDIMENTOS E SERVICOS LTDA (Kite Lodge Brazil) in case of doubt, the Purchaser, even if he ordered for or for other named individuals.

(2) Kite Lodge Brazil availing themselves are guests in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

2 Conclusion of contract

(1) The accommodation contract is generally formed through the acceptance of a written or verbal order of the guest by Kite Lodge Brazil.

(2) Extra services of Kite Lodge Brazil, which are not included in the accommodation price:

  1. a) for the provision of additional beds or cribs a reduced price is charged.

(3) The marked prices must be inclusive.

3 Start and end of accommodation

(1) The guest has the right to occupy the rented rooms from 2:00 pm on the arrival day.

(2) Kite Lodge Brazil has the right to rescind in the event that the guest does not show up to 6:00 pm on arrival day, unless a later arrival time has been agreed in the reservation confirmation.

(3) If the Guest has paid a deposit, so (s) remain, however, the room (s) reserved until 11:00 am the following day.

(4) The rooms must be vacated by the guest until 11:00 am on the date of departure.

(5) An extension of the guest’s stay requires the consent of Kite Lodge Brazil.

4 Cancellation & Prepayment

Payment and cancellation options are described on page payment informations.

5 Provision of alternative accommodation

(1) Kite Lodge Brazil can provide the guest an adequate substitute accommodation, if this is reasonable for the guest, especially if the deviation is insignificant and justified.

(2) A factual justification is for example given, if the room (s) have become unusable, guests extend their stay or other operational measures this step.

(3) Any additional costs for the substitute accommodation shall be paid by Kite Lodge Brazil.

6 Obligations of the Guest

(1) Upon termination of the accommodation contract, the agreed fee is paid. Foreign currencies will be taken by Kite Lodge Brazil in the daily rate in payment.

Kite Lodge Brazil shall not be obliged to accept cashless payment instruments such as checks, credit cards, vouchers, etc.. All necessary for acceptance of these payment options expenses such as inquiries, discounts etc. shall be borne by the guest.

(2) Before putting electronic devices that are brought by the guests and do not belong to the normal travel requirements, the consent of the accommodation must be obtained.

(3) The rules of tort law apply to the damage caused by the guest. Therefore, the guest is liable for any damage or loss which Kite Lodge Brazil or third parties through his fault or the fault of his companions or other persons for whom he is responsible, even if the injured party is entitled to indemnification right to take Kite Lodge Brazil.

7 Liability of Kite Lodge Brazil for Damages

(1) Kite Lodge Brazil is liable for damages suffered by the guest, if the damage occurred during the operation and it or its employees is a gross negligence.

(2) Liability for objects. Moreover, Kite Lodge Brazil is liable as a depository for the belongings of the guests he up to a maximum of R$ 2.000, -, if one proves that the damage was inflicted by him or one of his employees.

8 Termination of the Accommodation

(1) the accommodation contract was agreed for a definite period, it ends with date of checkout. If the guest departs early then Kite Lodge Brazil is entitled to demand the full payment amount.

(2) If the guest does not vacate his room by 11:00 am on departure date, Kite Lodge Brazil is entitled to charge the room for a further day.

(3) Kite Lodge Brazil shall be entitled to cancel the accommodation contract with immediate effect if the guest

  1. a) of the premises makes a considerable detrimental use or through his inconsiderate, indecent or otherwise grossly improper behavior the other spoils the living or, opposite Kite Lodge Brazil and its people or a resident in the Accommodation person a punishable act against property the morality or physical safety is guilty;
  2. b) is suffering from a contagious or the duration exceeding disease or care;
  3. c) the submitted invoice upon request within a reasonable time limit set not paid.
13 Place of performance and jurisdiction

Place of performance is the place where the accommodation is situated, Jijoca de Jericoacoara.